Monday, February 28, 2011

Running Trumps Art

My birthday is this week, and as a gift to myself I am running/swimming six of those days. (So excited!)

And, to support that, heading to bed at 9:00 every night.

I guess running and the things I do to support my running (swimming, yoga, sleep, eating well) trump art for me. Last year, when I planned time for myself this week I thought I'd use it to paint. And I have been working on my projects and expect to do more on them this week as well... but, really, it's all about the running. And I've been seeing that over the past two months anyway. Just... interesting.

But also that making things is essential too, in a different way. To borrow from Ntozake Shange, "art as necessary as collards, running even in our dreams."*

*Borrowed liberally from Ntozake Shange's Ellington Was Not A Street ("politics as necessary as collards / music even in our dreams"). Read this!

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