Monday, February 21, 2011

Notes on a Wet Week

I ran 5 times in the past eight days, and every single time I had to set my shoes out afterwards to dry.

First, all the snow from our blizzard melted --- rapidly --- and sidewalks turned into lakes. The first few days of this the walks were still lined with treacherous ice banks. Through the puddles I went.

Next, the ice on the sides melted, only to leave behind shoe-grabbing mud and I didn't want to think about what else. Through the puddles I went.

Finally, many (not all) of the puddles cleared. So I went out yesterday for a nice 7+ mile run... in the rain. Freezing rain. No music even, just me, getting wet (again), grinning like a fool, thinking big thoughts.

God, I love to run.

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