Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Race This Weekend

So, I'm not running the St. Paddy's 8K this weekend after all. I didn't feel like changing my workouts to get myself into racing form, and I don't have any emotional connection to this event that would make me want to do it as a fun run instead. I also didn't want to give over any part of a precious open weekend as next month will have some pretty intense ones. Plus, they had the UGLIEST SHIRT EVER.

Just not feeling it.

That's okay, I have some other truly fun runs in my sights, and I've been enjoying my running, though I probably won't be writing about it much for a while. I've been studying and reflecting on some serious matters for a few weeks and trying to figure out how to bring some of that here --- that will probably be my focus for a while. More questions than anything else, I imagine. Questions are good.

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