Monday, February 27, 2012

Collecting Resources

From an essay on the works of Willis 'Bing' Davis, artist and community activist:

"For Davis, transforming the world around requires vision... Vision requires the active use of imagination --- the imagination to see value in all things as well as all persons and places. The artist teaches that each individual can develop this perceptual sensitivity through the practice of reclaiming value in discarded resources."
--- Judith Huacuja
"Marking the Past, Shaping the Present: The Art of Willis 'Bing' Davis"

Saturday, February 11, 2012

On A Mild Winter's Day...

A boy and his dirt.
Got some more snow and cold yesterday but it will be gone by midweek. I have been so grateful for this warm winter, at home with new babe. And as much as Buddy loves the snow, he was very happy for the return of his "garden" (the courtyard of our apartment building). I'm just sad we don't have a real garden of our own for him, especially as he makes more and more elaborate plans for it (that he's now old enough to remember). Luckily they have gardens at school that they plant in.