Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sad Today

Have been learning about child sexual exploitation and doing more work with your garden variety, run-of-the-mill child abuse, so I keep having moments where I look at Buddy and get overwhelmed with sadness about the children who are not safe in the world.

And then remembering him say, "I sorry, Mommy," when prompted, after actually doing something wrong, and thinking of children saying the same thing who haven't, but feel they must say it, say something.

One of The Dude's friends had a stillbirth yesterday.

And I have my period, so aside from the swing in hormones which is probably at least in part responsible for my tears, that also means I'm not pregnant. And we didn't even really want to be, not yet, but...

I was going to go swimming this morning but I think a run is the only thing that will help me negotiate the day with some calm.

Prayers to all who suffer this day. Thanks for all we've been blessed with.

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