Friday, September 23, 2016

Suckered In

It's possible that it's a bad idea to go to Barnes & Noble on payday when it's also Members' Double-Discount Day.

Somehow these are coming home with me:

I used to have the individual issues but got overwhelmed at how long the series was going on for...
but I've missed it! So this reissue in omnibus form was a nice surprise.*
I'm closing in on the final volumes of the parent series, Fables - so, time to start the spin-off, yes?
Plus she's shooting arrows from horseback.

I have no excuse. It just looks like fun (classic DC female superheros reimagined).
I can justify it - sort of - by knowing that The Dude will read this one too.
I did have a legitimate excuse for going in there - I needed to buy a sports book for a kid's birthday tomorrow. (Not my kid, a friend of his.) And I gave in and got a B&N membership earlier this year because I realized I was just deluding myself to think I don't get that many books and magazines there in a year to make it worthwhile. It's the only bookstore near me at work (and has a pretty good graphic novel and kids' selection). I try to visit my independent bookstores as much as possible but my experience has been that I can't count on finding exactly what I'm looking for - such as the perfect sports book for an eight-year-old. (I found a great one for him, by the way).

Not that I don't have enough to read already...

* Pumpkin Mommy, there was a Korean manga I used to read that you had recommended... do you remember the name of it? Also, there was a very dream-like one I read, something to do with the moon, possibly a wolf or fox-demon in it too, any idea what that might be? I purged my bookshelves of these a long time ago, before I started my reading journal.

** Oh, it was Crescent Moon. God bless Google.

*** Antique Bakery! That's the Korean one. And apparently there's a movie based on it too. But I can't get it on Netflix and don't need to own it, so I guess I won't be seeing it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Takes My Breath Away

Such an amazing sky this morning. The clouds were moving rapidly as the sun was rising so every time I looked things had changed, layers of layers of different kinds of clouds sliding over each other in every color, no matter where I looked. I was afraid I might trip, all I wanted was to look up and watch the grand show.

At this time in the year all my runs start off in the dark and soon they will return in the dark as well. So I am grateful every day I get to go out and watch the skies change as sunrise approaches. And I am grateful as well, again and again, that I get to go out and run in the mornings. Every day I do I get to go on a journey, exploring the world and seeing what's new. And then I come home to a house slightly stirring, and I look forward to the day and to the next run.

I live a good life,

Monday, September 12, 2016

Been Seeing This A Lot Lately

And just came across it again, so thought I'd post:

Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until it is faced.
~ James Baldwin

I just started reading him last year, first excerpts as reported in Brain Pickings, and then a collection of interviews and most recently Notes of a Native Son. It's a little spooky (and very sad) that so much of what he describes still appears to be exactly the same.

I read a news report this morning that there's a fundraising campaign starting to turn his residence in southern France into an artists' colony. I loved my one visit to southern France and have wanted to go back - that would make an excellent reason.

Busy reading,

Thursday, September 8, 2016