Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scary Movie Month - Week 1

It's October, which means it is Scary Movie Month in my house. A whole month full of scary (and not-so-scary) movies, with enough popcorn, hot chocolate, and candy corn to fuel Godzilla. The Dude starts planning for this in August, with at least once-a-day visits to the Netflix queue to make sure our selections are lined up in the best possible order, taking into account such things as work schedule, weather, lunar position, and cosmic rays.

This year we are challenged by the fact that I go to bed so much earlier now - no double features for me! This has taken the Netflix-queue visiting to new heights, as we now need to consider the length of the movie and whether or not I can manage to fit it in on a weeknight, or if it needs to wait for a Friday or Saturday night when I can stay up a smidge later.

This year we chose our movies based on four categories: Classic, Kids, Dude's Choice, and Annie's Choice. Do you think you can tell which movie falls into which category?

Our first week's movies (in order of viewing):
  • Psycho (the original, natch)
  • Coraline (from the Neil Gaiman book, directed by Henry Selick, who also directed "The Nightmare Before Christmas")
  • Let the Right One In (Swedish vampires - this one was really amazing)
  • The Fog (the original by John Carpenter)
All winners! I would add that the so-called kids' movie was actually the most disturbing.

I was not a big fan of scary movies when the Dude and I met, so it's really a big deal that I am now choosing some of my own accord. (I mostly endured the first couple of years of SMM.) There are movies I am pretty adamant about not seeing: anything with serial killers, torture, demonic possession, or where children get hurt. Vampires, werewolves, and zombies I can handle.

Let the film roll!

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