Monday, October 19, 2009

Scary Movie Month - Week 3

Not so many movies this week, the stars just didn't align properly...

"Halloween" (the first one, by John Carpenter)
I suppose I'm glad to have seen this, both for its place in horror movie history and because Jamie Lee Curtis is good in it (and it's interesting to see her young - she looks like a colt, not quite grown into herself). But I'm also glad that, having seen it, I never have to watch it - or any of the other "Halloween" movies - again.

"Gojira" (the original Japanese)
After reading about how the first American "Godzilla" movie was made (and watching half of it), I realized the parts I had enjoyed most - the music, the Japanese characters, the images - were all from the original Japanese movie. So I decided to take an evening on my own and watch it by myself, which, as The Dude can attest, is something I never do. But watching an old b&w non-scary foreign monster movie is really the best possible use of one's time when sick and tired.

"The Exorcist"
I mentioned to The Dude that I might, for the sake of being complete, be willing to watch ONE movie in the demonic possession category. So what does he choose? Only one of the most scary movies of all times. I got my revenge however... he was more spooked by it than I was... and he'd seen it before! Very interesting, how it was put together (as a story), and very sad. And the last ten minutes of the movie were the scariest of them all.

The next two weeks are going to continue to be light on the scary movies... I can't help it if The Dude is going to hockey games and rehearsals and gigs instead of attending to what should be his first priority this month: scaring the crap out of me.

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