Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Garden Runs Amok

Because, why not?
This summer it seems all our rain is falling on the weekends - exactly the days I have to work in the garden. So things are a little... chaotic back there right now.

However, I did go out in the rain to harvest cilantro and thyme for two different recipes. It's wonderful to be able to use herbs I grew, makes me very hungry for more.

I think zucchini plants are in my future. I felt very silly buying them in the store when I know I could have an abundance of them at home. (Yes, I realize I would still have to buy them most of the year, but still.)

And I just got this book from the library:

Nom, nom, nom.



  1. Oh, tell me how you like the book, and whether it's worth the $17.83 I'd pay to get the Kindle version. I've pondered how I could get a visually pleasing vegetable garden for years.

    1. Eh, I don't know that it's worth it. It feels like a coffee table book. There's a lot of good material in there but I'm not going to be doing anything substantial for a while, and I think even I can figure out planting herbs in containers and placing them out front and possibly installing a (contained) strawberry patch as well. In a neighborhood where more than one person has actually turned their front yard into a vegetable patch - with rows of plants and signs and all - I don't need to worry overly about the aesthetics, or at least not more than would bother me personally.