Monday, March 30, 2015

Sometimes No News Is Not Good News

But not necessarily bad, either. I've just been really busy, at work in particular (I usually write my posts on my lunch break) but also at home.

Unfortunately, I do also have bad news, for me at least, as far as my training goes. I've done something serious to my shoulder, I don't know what yet, and that, coupled with the last two weeks of interrupted running, means I don't have a chance of seriously training for the race I had just signed up for (right before things got so busy).

Not happy. (Plus in pain.) I will endeavor to forget I signed up for it at all until next month and then see where I'm at - emotionally, not physically. These days I don't have much interest in running races just for the sake of running them, but I also hate to have spent money on something I won't do.

This was the only race I was serious about for this year, too, so double bummer. And my training had been going well...


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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder! I hope it's a quick fix!