Monday, July 21, 2014

Least Favorite Thing?

Making phone calls.

Especially business-y ones.

So my job for today?

Calling prospective attorneys to find one for our house purchase.

And I kinda need to complete this today because the clock has started ticking on the contract.


I cheated a bit, I emailed everyone on my list first with the spiel our realtor gave us to use. So far that's netted me one conversation and one "not taking on new clients at this time" return email. So that's good, that's two off my list of six.

I'll give it another hour and then start calling the rest directly.


Do you have a least favorite thing?



  1. I hate phone calls too!! I sometimes practice first, and I have to pace while on the phone or I get all jittery. Calling parents - even for GOOD things - makes me soooo nervous!

    1. Exactly! I practice, and pace, too.

    2. Though for some reason I'm better with work ones. A good thing too, I have to make a fair number of them. But I used to do a happy dance any time I came in on Mondays and my message light was NOT blinking.

  2. Do you secretly hope to get voicemail EVERY time you dial? I've forced myself to sign up for call-nights with groups I volunteer for, just to try to beat the panic out of myself. It hasn't worked yet.

    1. Oh, that's funny. Re. the voicemail... sometimes... depends on the call... sometimes I prefer just to get it over with, which is also why I pretty much always pick up the phone when it rings.

    2. But I turn off my phone once I get home unless I'm expecting a call - no phone calls after hours! I expect that will change once the kids get older and are out at night.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog, Boxing Mid-Life Annie! I believe I will be at a field house on the far west side of the city that hasn't had a boxing program for 15 years.