Thursday, January 23, 2014

Very Far and Very Cold

I ran to work this morning. Well, it's more accurate to say that I went for a run this morning, and then I ran to work. I'm not going to say how far I ran because
  1. It is kind of a ridiculous distance, that makes sense only in the context of marathon or ultra training;
  2. At some point, if you make a habit of running long, the distance becomes kind of meaningless. I don't think about "how many miles do I have left", I think about what part of the run am I on and what will I be doing next;
  3. A certain person I live with doesn't tremendously like that I run so long or that I run in the cold, and really doesn't like it when I combine the two. No need to provoke him with an actual number.
As for the cold... it was -1F when I left and 5F when I reached my destination. Not as windy as I'd feared, thank goodness. I was snug as a bug in my layers and had greased up my face to prevent windburn. The only issue I had with the cold was that my water bottles froze and towards the end I was reduced to just sucking on the ice. So I need to figure something out there. Oh, and frozen gels are gross. But I've pretty much moved away from gels anyway and have been sticking with "real" food - in my case dried fruit, pretzels, and jellybeans. The dried fruit and jellybeans get hard when it's that cold but a moment or so of chewing takes care of that.

And my reward (aside from the whole running bit) was in seeing, once I hit the lakefront, a quiet, snowy, icy world with almost no one else around. Listening to one of my favorite jazz pianists and just floating in white. Ahhh.



  1. That sounds like a gorgeous end to a wonderful run. I AM curious about the distance, now that you're not on DailyMile anymore.

  2. I'm also totally curious about the distance. I was just looking up the temperatures for the next 10 days here trying to plan a run (because I try not to run when the wind chill is negative). But YOU!!!! You're an official badass.

  3. Well, I'll just say it was longer than a half and shorter than a full. Most of my upcoming long runs fall into that range.

    And wind is a big deal, if it's a seriously windy day I stay off the lakefront and stick to the inland sidewalks (which are still full of ice and snow so that brings its own challenges).