Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Three Days To Go

...before my next half marathon.

Two days ago I was a bit worried. There's been a wee bit of stress in my life this last week and my sleep was suffering horribly, every day I was waking up more tired than the day before. Monday I even had to skip my run which I almost never ever do.

Thankfully some of that stress was resolved on Monday (work stuff) and I've been sleeping better since then and also making a point of going to bed earlier. Amazing what a couple of nights' better sleep will do for my mood. So now I'm beginning to be a bit hopeful again.

The weather forecast is for 77 degress, a bit cooler than the half I suffered through in June. We've been having on-and-off rain all week so it's a bit steamy out there right now, which worries me more than the heat, really. I'm hoping that eases a bit in the next couple of days.

I plan to run without headphones and have been doing all my recent runs without to get used to running "naked" again. I also think I have a more accurate idea of what I can hope for pacing-wise, so I'll be more conservative at the start than I was before. I plan to take walking breaks every mile, and I'll have my water on my back instead of on my chest, which will be more comfortable. The course is also near me, on the north lakefront, so it will be familiar to me (and offer more shade). So all-in-all, I think that I'll be better able to enjoy this half, regardless of what my end time is.

Though of course, ahem, I'll be hoping to PR.


  1. Can I just say how much I love that you are running a half barely a month after your last one? IDK I just think it's awesome.

    I want to do more of my runs sans music, but all I hear is oppressive humidity then haha. When it cools off a little and I don't need the distraction, I'll be working some naked runs into my schedule. Have fun and good luck on your half! Kick some booty!!

  2. The early mornings have been beautiful for running lately! I hope it's cool and breezy this weekend!

  3. Thanks to you both! It was a beautiful day.

    For the record, it was a good seven weeks after the last half, even I am not crazy enough (yet) to try to run two halfs within a month of each other.

    I cannot run naked on the treadmill, only outside, so I feel you on the humidity thing.