Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh, Life

I've missed writing, so these are just random thoughts. I had hoped to get on a regular Tuesday/Friday schedule and then life intervened a few weeks ago, and has kept intervening since.

My rest week last week wasn't... our family trip turned into a family emergency. Here's the quick and lowdown. My MIL had to be hospitalized - long standing issues led to dehydration, malnutrition, dementia - there may be permanent damage - we don't know what the long-term prognosis is. She spent the week in the hospital and is now in a skilled nursing facility. She may be able to return home with help in a few weeks. She lives a 5-hour-drive away. This was completely unexpected. Prayers are welcome.

My kids are great, and have been weathering all this well, though Buddy will not be happy when he learns that his dad will be gone another weekend.

I think that's all I want to write about that.

Long run today! Twelve miles. It was a beautiful day for it, nice and sunny but a little cool. My race vest continues to be be awesome. Today I cinched my windbreaker to the back and within a quarter mile had ceased to notice it. I backed down from trying out my new hydration/nutrition system 'cause I just didn't have the headspace to figure out quantities, so went with my standard Nuun water plus gels - and then resented the amount of time it took to consume the gels. So next week I have motivation to figure out the new stuff (plus I want to try it out once before I race with it).

I've been drawing and painting as I can (and then staying up late some nights to do some more). The problem always with this is that I then want to do so. much. more! I'm going to have to give some things up but I don't know what, aside from reading Sports Illustrated and

May was supposed to be my weight-loss challenge before the long runs started up. Hah. So that's now on hold until after the marathon. Can't say I'm sad about that... I am going to go through my clothes though and remove all the "too small for now" t-shirts I've acquired (gifts and race shirts) so that I don't give myself grief about it. Everything else I fit into fine. Although I did get some new bras last fall that are a bit padded and now some of my summer button-down shirts are just a touch too snug across the chest. I should have just bought running bras that can double as everyday bras, strap everything down and forget about them.

My run this morning was great but the lack of sleep lately means I am feeling trashed. More stretching, more sleep! This may be my new mantra for the week.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your MIL, and I hope she recovers soon! I'll keep her in my prayers.

    Man, 12 miles! I can't wait until I'm back up to that point. Right now I'm calling 2-milers my "long runs" haha.

  2. "Strap everything down" might be my new favorite phrase. I'll definitely be thinking of it every time I slap on a sports bra. "Strap 'em down, boys!" LOVE it.

    Can you tell me what the deal is with Nuun?? I've heard people talking about it, but haven't had the internet stamina to actually research it (this is coming from someone who trains with Snickers bars and Whisky!!)

    Sending prayers to you guys!!

    1. Nuun are tablets to make any water electrolyte water. They're artificially sweetened so can be consumed alongside one's favorite energy product (say, Snickers) without overloading one's digestion. And because they're tablets they're easy to pack along if you know you're going to have a source of water.

      I typically use them on long runs, after an intense run, or after swimming (since it gets me to drink after swimming which I might not otherwise do).

  3. MIL stuff sounds not fun (I know, understatement...) I've got, um, interesting family stuff going on right now, but not nearly as...not fun.

    Insert "sewing" for "painting" and you'd be me. Our minds work faster than our hands, and we can only get a few short moments after the little people have gone to bed to do stuff with our hands and brushes/ needles.

    1. Most of my work has been little, little, little, or are made up of other little pieces or multiple short stages. Those have been a real test of how my ideas stand up or not - does the actual piece still work six weeks after my initial idea? I just tell myself the old chestnut, "a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step". Running is helpful with that, actually.