Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Random Notes

Love, love, love my new Garmin (Forerunner 10). I love being able to make up routes on the fly. I love being able to get accurate mile splits. I'm going to love keeping track of my pace as I go, once my tempo and speed runs are outside again (and occasionally run on the way to work). Plus, it's bright green.

I'm leaning back towards the FIRST method of marathon training (after seriously flirting with the Hanson method). More cross-training, fewer miles on the feet, an extra rest day each week. I think that will make up for the more frequent long runs that the FIRST method asks for.

It's neat to see my progress from when I first read the FIRST book, back when I was training for my first marathon. In the end I didn't use it because I wasn't where they recommend you be (in terms of mileage) before starting the training, and the cross-training components scared me a bit. But now, three years of running and cross-training later, there's nothing scary about it. Of course they're completely updated the book so I need to buy a new copy.

I had something cute to share about my children but in my sleep-deprived-and-cold-addled state I've forgotten what it was. Oh well. Trust me, it was adorable.

Oh, and we have a new cat. The Dude's sister is moving to Guatemala and needed a new home for her kitty, so now we have her. She is, of course, adorable, but is also 25 pounds of personality packed into 5 pounds of cat. Simon doesn't yet know what to make of her. I'll get some photos up of all the cuteness soon.

Up next: resolutions 2013.


  1. I'm looking at using this plan (, but I'd have to adjust it because I don't have time for more than 4 or 5 miles on weekdays because I work so early in the morning. I'm also looking into Hal Higdon's plan. There's so much to think about with marathon training, like learning to eat and drink while running, figuring out new routes...I like it. It's a good excuse to get new gear, like a Garmin. (Oh, how jealous of you I am!)

  2. I had a garmin but then sold it on craigslist because I just couldn't figure it out. It seems the Garmin 10 is much more user friendly. I'm also more of a low mileage, less workouts per week kind of runner. I see these plans that go to 45 miles per week or more and I see injuries.