Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Thoughts Before The Chicago Half

I hate tapering. Even though my taper for this half is short, I still feel all thrown off, mostly with food.

Some of that is also because I had a lo-o-ong weekend (5 days) and baked cupcakes twice during that time. (And then again last night - I'm trying out recipes for Buddy's birthday party.) I'm having a hard time "resetting" my sugar consumption.

I've been very regimented around food this summer (meat, sugar, dairy) and I've realized I'm not going to be able to continue in that way. It's taken me a few days to feel okay with that and I'm still not quite certain what not being so regimented will look like for me. It's helpful to know that this is a cycle I go through naturally with the seasons; it took me a little while to recognize this since all my "regular" cycles (and I do mean all of them) got disrupted with being pregnant and I'm only just settling back in to them.

(Yes, I am one of those annoying people who claim to be "in tune with" their bodies and sensitive to the earth's cycles --- or at least when I am not overriding those signals with sugar and white flour and dairy.)

I feel like I have been pushing pushing pushing on a number of things this summer and I am worn out. Two is more work than one (despite what my friends told me - liars). The outline of my life may not have changed much with having a second child, but there is a lot more packed into that space.

Thankfully in the last week I/we have stepped back a little bit from some of that pushing and have a more relaxed timeframe for some of the things I/we want to accomplish. Nothing like going away for a bit to put things into perspective.

Went to the Milwaukee Art Museum last weekend with the whole family. (Happy sigh.) I love that museum, and I love that museum campus. And I love being there with The Dude, and now, with Buddy and Goob as well. While it would have been nice to have been able to take in more of the exhibits, for now I will take what I can get.
Quadracci Pavilion

I have been frustrated to realize that this little race, that I just signed up for on a whim four weeks ago, is having a more significant impact on my training for November than I had anticipated. And this week I am feeling run down, with strange twinges that suggest overwork. I think after Sunday I will take a two-week running break and stick to swimming and the gym for a while. I really want to be able to attack November's race and I won't be able to if I continue to feel so run down, or worse, hurt myself.

But as the week goes on  I start to feel more excited about Sunday!


  1. What are you running in November? I totally feel you with the diet changes. We're transitioning to a 'real food' diet over here and it does take SO much more attention to detail. At least once a week I throw my hands in the air and cook a frozen pizza.

    1. Ha. At least once a week I throw my hands into the air and order takeout.

      The Hot Chocolate 15k, on Nov. 4. I'm aiming for an hour and a half time. It's still mighty ambitious right now (that would be better than when I ran it right after the marathon), but also still within the realm of possibility - if I don't burn out or get hurt.

  2. I hate feeling overdone when it comes to running, because I'm still craving a run, but I know I'm on the verge of burnout. It sounds like you have a good plan to counteract that, though.

    I wish I had an awesome art museum around...I haven't visited one in way too long!