Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Step Back to Leap Forward

Just been evaluating my training this season and thinking about what works for me and what doesn't, as I move into the last month of race training and start thinking about next year and what I'll do over the winter.

I like that I've added in rowing, it's great to have an intense workout that isn't running since I'm not a fast swimmer and don't want to be (and I'm building some nice arm and back definition in the process!)

But I need to add swimming back in as a regular workout because it helps me recover from long/hard runs in a way that rowing doesn't.

And while it was ego-satisfying to increase my mileage by adding in an extra run most weeks, I can't make this a regular practice, as I don't have the time to do all the recovery stuff I need to do to make that work. You know, since I'm forty now, and seem to be falling apart. I'm sure my fragmented sleep schedule doesn't help with that either.

So I'm back to my workout routine of past years --- three runs and two cross-training sessions, plus stretching/strength mini-workouts --- only with added intensity in the form of rowing and more focused strength-training.

I want to keep all this in mind this winter as I read up on marathon training plans and plan out my racing schedule for next year. Winter itself will be about maintaining my running base and losing the last pounds (knowing that winter here is defined as November through March).

And yes, I realize that I've chosen the hardest time of the year to make a weight-loss push, but I do not want to go into marathon training with any thought of trying to lose weight. I've made that mistake before and it was ugly.

So here's to smart training and saying no to Christmas cookies! And Halloween candy. I firmly believe there is room for the occasional hot chocolate and Thanksgiving pie though.

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  1. The rowing machine scares me, but my hubby uses it when he's not running and really loves it. I'm intrigued by your schedule. Right now I'm playing my Half training mostly by ear, but your comment on increased mileage/ego struck a chord with me. I'm really happy to be running high miles because I NEVER have in the past, but I need to be on the lookout for recovery, too. Thanks for the reminder!