Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hot Times, Summer in the City

Well, the temperature has dropped back down to a more seasonable 50 degrees, but this past week we had a string of 85 degree days (with humidity, of course) that had us all cursing global warming thinking summer. More specifically in my case, thinking about running in the summer, in the heat and humidity, because while I really dislike both, summer is too effing long in Chicago to stay indoors. So I figure I need to not only get used to it, but even find a way to embrace it. Or at least give it the good old college try.

What I did... Ran slowly. Looked for routes that I know have shade and breezes. Brought electrolyte water with me and on runs longer than an hour, made sure I stopped every two miles to walk and have a drink. Made a point of looking around more and using the time to listen to music, notice what flowers were blooming, and even try to enjoy the feel of hot air on my skin. Slowed way down every time I thought I might be inching towards overheating until I felt more comfortable again. I haven't done any speedwork for a while and that I will just save for the gym and air conditioning.

And it worked, I enjoyed my runs this week, and I'm feeling more comfortable with the idea of running through the summer (I had some hard times last year from being too wedded to a certain pace without taking weather conditions into account).

(And I love that my freckles are coming back, I don't feel quite the same without my freckles.)

All the same, I'm very grateful that it'll be 50 and breezy tomorrow as I set off on my last long run before the Soldier Field 10M at the end of the month.

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