Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Workshop in Progress - April 6

Well, the woman who was hosting the online quilting group "Workshop in Progress" had to take a break for a while (my prayers for you and your family, Cheryl), and I hadn't been posting for a while on it even before that. But I've finally finished one project - whew! - and thought I'd share it here.

So finally, The Dude's amp cover.
All made from old pairs of pants, even the edging.

And in its natural habitat.
Had a sticky moment close to the end of the project when I realized that it only just fit and could end up being difficult to take on and off, not so good for the end of a long rock-and-beer-fueled night. But once I put the final edging on it that was less of a problem.

Here is also one of my Christmas projects --- I could only share it now because the last one only got mailed out today. (No, not because I hadn't finished, just, you know, because.) These are made out of felt and are approximately six inches long, in a variety of colors.

Then I also finished another of my card projects, but I can't show that until they are all written and sent, which may be another week (or two) or so.

I'm mending a pair of Buddy's trousers at the moment, but once that's done I should be able to go back to working on my small quilt, which, after a six or more week hiatus, I'm very eager to do. Even though I'm still one Christmas present past due...


  1. Love the amp cover and the ornaments! They all look really lovely!

  2. the amp cover is looking great!