Saturday, June 26, 2010

Odds and Ends

How do you know when you're a serious runner? When you buy two pairs of running shoes in one day...

My shin is steadily getting better --- lots of arnica, stretching, and being careful with my running: no sprinting and going easy down hills.

Made my first veggie loaf last weekend and have been enjoying it in sandwiches all week. There is room for improvement but overall I'm quite pleased with myself.

I have my first 15 mile run of the season today and am very excited. It's going to be hot and I can't head out until after lunch, so I will make sure to go slow, have water and salts handy, and take breaks as I need to. I'm hoping it rains again, that will make it easier.

Swimming has felt incredible this week --- easy, steady, endless. Thursday I swam 2k, the longest I've gone since since high school. Blissful.

We went to the beach for the first time with Buddy last weekend, with my friend J and her son E. E very kindly shared his beach toys. Buddy LOVED it. Here's my favorite picture of the two of us.
(I didn't think I'd get in the water so that's my sports bra, not a bathing suit).

What stood out in your week?

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