Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two Steps Forward...

After seeing some real improvement last week I was feeling hopeful that I might be able to run (a very little bit) soon. Maybe even run my 5k at the end of the month, instead of walking it?

Then yesterday came. I did a longer workout at the gym, which in itself didn't seem to be a problem. But then I spent another 5 miles on my feet running around town - visiting a homebound friend, taking Goo to the doctor, random errands. And in particular, dashing for a bus, lots and lots of stairs, dashing for another bus with the stroller... By the end of the day my leg was screaming at me. And it's still unhappy today. Nothing to do but reset that mental countdown.

So it goes. At least we don't have snow!

Grateful for pool and gym memberships -


  1. Whoa... wait. Have they figured out what's going on yet?? This is a bummer!! I know your plans for the year were epic!!

    1. Mmm... perhaps if I'd followed up on my referral we would know...

      Making that call now.

    2. And I have an appointment for... May 5. Hopefully I'll be feeling all better by then and can cancel it.

      My plans are decidedly less epic at this point. I'll walk/run my 5K at the end of the month (as opposed to trying to PR as I'd been training for). Then a half marathon at the end of August. And, crossing my fingers, a trail marathon in October - one that I can sign up for the week before and still get in to. I'll save being epic for another year.