Friday, February 28, 2014

Mission Accomplished!

And I feel grand.

Looking forward to writing about it later this weekend.

But just a quickie...

After mile 20 I started worrying if I was going to hit the wall, as I have in my previous two marathons. I had to really step in with some serious self-talk about how I am so much better prepared for this, I am tougher than I've ever been, I am smarter about these things now, etc. At some point the thought popped into my head,

"Wall? What wall? I piss on the wall!"

And you know what?

I never did hit it.

In fact, my last three miles were my most enjoyable (not fast, I was both battling headwinds and going uphill, but fun), AND I felt like I could have done more.

I am now eating a sandwich from my favorite bagel shop called the "Xena, Warrior Princess" and about to take a hot shower.

Damn, it's a good day.


  1. YOU!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! 42K?!?!?! Holy cow. In this cold ick? Way to freaking kick something's butt. Have two sandwiches.

  2. Super special !! Enjoy every last bit of it! To be able to do this and lift your spirits! Great to read

  3. Happy 42, indeed! You were being so secretive about it when I saw you in the mornings about the "next big running goal." Great accomplishment!

    When I ran marathons, the thing I hated battling most is people at Miles 20-25 yelling (with the best of intentions), YOU'RE ALMOST THERE. Clearly, those people hadn't ever run a marathon before. Worst cheer ever. I wanted to interrupt my race to stop and kindly suggest they change their mantra to something like LOOKING GOOD or KEEP IT UP or KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE. You know, things that have nothing to do with actual distance! =)