Friday, April 12, 2013

Plunging In

Tomorrow I will be running my first race of the year, about two weeks earlier than I had planned to, and three miles longer.


I am still signed up for the Ravenswood Run 5K at the end of April. But my training for that has gone seriously off the rails, between injury and illness. I may still try to go all out, but I was less and less happy at the idea of making that be my big first race of the season.

Tomorrow is the Wrigley Start Early 5/10k, and I had already planned to take part (and was trying to get a group together from work) since that event benefits Voices for Illinois Children and Prevent Child Abuse America. I had been thinking of maybe just taking the Goobster in his regular stroller and doing the 1M pledge walk. I have a bit of a history with that event and thought it would be neat to revisit it after a break of a few years.

And then stuff shifted around, as they will, and I was given the opportunity to go on my own, without child, and I thought, "Why not just go for the 10k?"

I've been running that far, so I'm not concerned about covering the distance. And in reading my notes from the last time I ran it I can see I've learned a lot about racing, so I'm not worried about blowing up. So, why not?

I have a cute new haircut and hairband, I have a morning to myself, the weather should be cool but dry, it's right along the lake... Should be fun!

To finish in under an hour I would need to do 9:40 miles. I think that's unlikely right now. To beat my last 10k (in 2010) I would need to do 9:54 miles. That, I think is possible. It will take some effort, but I think it is possible.

Off to create my playlist and have a last snack before an early bedtime. Wish me luck!


  1. You're going to have a blast!! Good luck :o)

  2. So fun!! Perfect cold damp weather for you too! I hope it was less rainy by the lake!