Monday, October 8, 2012

My Chicago Marathon Sunday (No, I Didn't Run)

This year, I observed the Chicago Marathon by:
  • Cheering on my husband as he went for his long run before church;
  • Making french toast for breakfast in honor of my friend B, who was running;
  • Baking apple pie and cornbread (The Dude made chili) in honor of our anniversary and because I am too poor* right now to buy The Dude a nice present;
  • Deciding not to do my long run so that we could have a more relaxed day at home with the kids (who knew it took so long to make apple pie?);
  • Watching a scary movie and drinking good beer;
  • Dreaming about running it next year!
Congratulations to all who ran it!

*Shorthand for "I am well aware that I am not really poor by any standards but I do not currently have much discretionary income in general, and none at all this month. 


  1. Loving that *! But you didn't need it because you said you were too poor to buy your husband a nice present, not that you are poor. Sounds like a fun day, and congratulations to the Dude.

    1. I reread that line and you're right. I just get very sensitive to how we (as a culture) use some words far more easily than we should. I hear all the time, "I'm so poor," coming from people who really aren't. I have the same reaction around the word "slave," people will say, "I slaved over that," or, "I get slave wages". Um, no, you didn't/don't. If slavery were a thing of the past then we might be justified in reappropriating that word, but slavery very much still exists, all over the world, it's just not so easily seen. You know all this, I'm just ranting/raving.