Monday, August 23, 2010

Balancing Act

For a couple of weeks now, I've been wanting to write something wise and wonderful about balance, the challenge of finding it between work and family and training, needing to adjust things when one area is more demanding than usual while maintaining a calm head and heart. About how I start nearly every day off with tree pose, as a small prayer for balance in my life that day.

I haven't written that something wise and wonderful. I've been too busy. And when I'm not actually busy with work, then I'm busy trying not to be resentful of work, or busy trying not to think about work. Or I'm actually succeeding at those last two and am managing to be in the moment with my husband, my child, myself --- in which case I don't want to be writing about struggling to remain composed at those other times.

The last hectic week in this particular work project is starting, and by Labor Day it will be finished. I go through this every year at this time, and every year it takes me by surprise just how hard it is (and then again in Nov/Dec). I even wrote on my calendar for August, "DO NOT SCHEDULE ANYTHING EXTRA," but then didn't take that quite seriously enough. For future reference, that includes marathon training. Since I can't do anything about Buddy's daycare having their annual teacher training (no kids) at this time.

Time to wake the household and begin.

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