Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ready to Race!

Race day. 6:02 a.m. Sick child, sick mama, not enough sleep. Par for the course this season - par for the course of having a young child. I am revising my race goals upward, back to my original one of an 11:20 pace.

But it looks to be sunny and clear with only mild breezes. The trees have not yet lost all their leaves and we are beginning and ending at Montrose Harbor with their gorgeous fields of wildflowers - a beautiful day and a beautiful course for a race. This All Saints' Day I will run in memory of all our mothers and all the women who have come before us and made our world a beautiful place, using their strength and determination and endurance to move forward and to make things better for their children and for all children - that is to say, for all of us. I am privileged to be able to spend my energy and focus on running, and I hope in some way, through this sport I love, to be able to make the world better too.


  1. Gosh, I thought I'd answered this a while ago, but can't find my response in my sent mail folder. I work for a large liberal Presbyterian church (large by mainline standards). Half my time I support the various groups and committees under my department: book groups, cycling club, fellowship groups, interfaith resources and leadership development, among others. The other half I spend supporting/managing the women's group; their main activities are child abuse prevention awareness month (April), and the school supply drive and Christmas gift drive. August/September and November/December are therefore my crazy-making months.