Friday, August 21, 2009

In Her Words...

I've been wondering how to explain why running is so important to me, and why my secret burning ambition in running is so important to me (still not ready to share that, you'll have to wait), and then I read Ironmatron's post on why she wants to qualify for the Kona Ironman. And while it's not my S.B.A.* to do a triathlon of any length, I really related to what she wrote. Especially:

"Because I don't want to look like the middle-aged mom that I am; I want to look like the twenty-year old lassie I wish I once was."

Emphasis mine. Except for me it's about feeling like the twenty-year old lassie, rather than looking like her.

I always wanted to be an athlete, and somehow, not quite sure how exactly, this is the year I decided I would be.

I've heard there's nothing like becoming a parent to get clear on what you really want. So thank you, Buddy, for giving me that extra gift, beyond your own sweet self.

*Secret Burning Ambition

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  1. "I want to look like the twenty year old lassie I wish I once was"

    I had to laugh out loud at that one. I can totally relate to both you and the original. I was never the hot girl, never the sort to turn heads on looks alone. (Though, at this age, I sometimes wonder what it is like to have once been the hot girl and then proceed to age badly. But I'm evil like that.) And I would love to be the athlete I wish I once was. I think the last time I ran seriously was about 16 years ago (seriously as in exerted myself, not as in signed up for an organized run).

    You are to be admired to be getting into these things while working and taking care of a baby. I think I'll live the life of the athlete I wish I once was through you :P