About Me

A Midwestern girl who's lived in Germany and New England and loves them both, but doesn't expect to ever move from the heartland again.

Turned forty-four this year. Married for ten years to The Dude, with second-grader D, and preschooler G.

Educated in art and expressive therapy.

Program Manager at a large liberal church in downtown Chicago, handling mostly events and volunteers and providing support to the many groups/committees/programs under my department.

An avid reader. At work on a couple of novels.

Big goals for my life?
  • Write. A lot.
  • Raise good kids.
  • Run. Lots.
  • And leave the world in a better place for my having been here.
Questions? Let me know!


  1. My question is: does the dude abide?

    1. Well, according to him, he tries to.

      I would say, that's about as good as most of us can aspire to.

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