Wednesday, December 7, 2016

November Training

I started off the month with higher weekly mileage and a couple of 12 mile runs but then ended up re-evaluating my goals (more writing, less running). The stomach bug proved a useful "reset", making it easier for me to drop back on both the length of my runs and my overall mileage.

(And the combination of cold and dark helps with that as well - I can get myself out when it's cold and I can get myself out when it's dark, but it's awfully hard to face both that early in the morning.)

Looking over my training journal I am happy to see that I have managed to be consistent in rebuilding my strength/speed training over the last two months, managing 1-2 sessions each week. I'm going to need to get faster if I'm going to keep up with my 8-year-old, at least for another year or two (and only over longer distances).

I'll start training more seriously for the Soldier Field 10M at the end of February, I know from past experience I can only stay focused on training for at most three months. I was about to write that serious marathon training will start in June, but who am I kidding? With all the many changes in my schedule that come with summer and then the start of school, I'll be pleased if I can keep my mileage up and get enough long runs in to feel confident that day. An October marathon just hits at the wrong time for me to be able to seriously train for it. And that's okay. This is to raise money for Chicago Lights and for the fun of doing the Chicago Marathon again, not to try to prove anything to myself. At least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself. If I repeat it often enough maybe I'll manage to train that way too.

Training sensibly (or trying to),

So, a "normal" week for me right now is 24-28 miles, with one long run of 8-10 miles and one workout comprised of hill repeats, a tempo section, or speed intervals. This week is a busy one at work so I cut back to 4 runs, but a couple of those are a bit longer than usual to keep my overall mileage within that range.


  1. I just did the metric conversions for your distances, are amazing. But you knew that, right?

  2. Nice job keeping your mileage up despite the cold, dark mornings...and evenings. Winter running is tough!