Thursday, October 27, 2016

What I've Been Getting Up Early For

Well to run, obviously, but why? And why so early, to run quite so far?

Well, I've decided that 2017 is the year for my first ultra - a 50K in fact. The exact date hasn't been set yet, but if this group holds true to form, it will be the second Saturday in April, so April 8, 2017. My official training plan starts next week but I've been preparing to start it over the last two months, increasing my weekly mileage to 30-35 miles per week and getting in a midweek mid-distance run. And working on my core!

I've wanted to run an ultra for a long time - like, ever since I started running, about 18 years ago. And I just kind of figure if not now, then when? Especially since at some point I'd like to do some of the multi-stage events - it will take me a while to work up to those in knowledge needed, not just running.

Then that opens up the fall for me to rejoin the Chicago Lights Marathon Team! It's the 40th anniversary of the Chicago Marathon so charity recruitment has already started. I'm excited to run it again with my team.

I'll be posting more frequently about my training and the whole adventure of going ultra - it'll be a trip, I'm sure. In so many ways.

Stiff and sore today but loving it,

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