Friday, September 23, 2016

Suckered In

It's possible that it's a bad idea to go to Barnes & Noble on payday when it's also Members' Double-Discount Day.

Somehow these are coming home with me:

I used to have the individual issues but got overwhelmed at how long the series was going on for...
but I've missed it! So this reissue in omnibus form was a nice surprise.*
I'm closing in on the final volumes of the parent series, Fables - so, time to start the spin-off, yes?
Plus she's shooting arrows from horseback.

I have no excuse. It just looks like fun (classic DC female superheros reimagined).
I can justify it - sort of - by knowing that The Dude will read this one too.
I did have a legitimate excuse for going in there - I needed to buy a sports book for a kid's birthday tomorrow. (Not my kid, a friend of his.) And I gave in and got a B&N membership earlier this year because I realized I was just deluding myself to think I don't get that many books and magazines there in a year to make it worthwhile. It's the only bookstore near me at work (and has a pretty good graphic novel and kids' selection). I try to visit my independent bookstores as much as possible but my experience has been that I can't count on finding exactly what I'm looking for - such as the perfect sports book for an eight-year-old. (I found a great one for him, by the way).

Not that I don't have enough to read already...

* Pumpkin Mommy, there was a Korean manga I used to read that you had recommended... do you remember the name of it? Also, there was a very dream-like one I read, something to do with the moon, possibly a wolf or fox-demon in it too, any idea what that might be? I purged my bookshelves of these a long time ago, before I started my reading journal.

** Oh, it was Crescent Moon. God bless Google.

*** Antique Bakery! That's the Korean one. And apparently there's a movie based on it too. But I can't get it on Netflix and don't need to own it, so I guess I won't be seeing it.

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