Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What I've Been Up To (Part 2)

What I haven't been doing is a lot of running. I struggled to find new routines after the marathon. Some of that was logistical - we changed our commuting schedules based on the kids' school - and I wasn't helped by literally not being able to get into a routine: I was sick a couple of times - not for long, but enough to want to take it easy the rest of the week. We had family visits. There's always something at work, especially in the fall. The holidays were here. And I was really run down after the marathon, just more easily tired, not as fast, not as much endurance.

But I think mostly my malaise came from not knowing anymore what I wanted to do with running. I've been vaguely looking to make changes for a while, but hadn't fully committed to doing so. It's safe to say running has been my number one thing for several years - and I no longer want it to be so. I have other things I'm working on. But then what does that look like in my day, my week? Could I be content with all short runs? Could I be content with not training for anything in particular? With not trying to run faster or longer or both?

I'm glad to say I'm finally feeling back in the groove. I'm running short 2-3 times a week, and once a week I'm running "fast" (but not keeping track of my paces). Then on Saturday mornings I leave the house before the others are up (but later than I do during the work week) and run "long". I am always going to love the feel of going long, and of orienting the rest of my running around that. Those times of just me and my thoughts covering ground feel essential to me. But the distances don't have to be as long as before.

Is this what "normal" running looks like?



  1. Are you retiring from marathoning? What other things will you do now?

    1. Not retired, but putting it on hold until the kids are more independent. And then probably sticking to trail marathons, both for the sake of my knees/feet, and for the sake of my competitive nature.