Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gone and Back Again

I was away at the end of August visiting my parents in Germany (and then school started and work got busy so no posts...) --- it was my first trip back in eight years and the first time the kids had been there.

It was the perfect age to visit with them. They are old enough now that they could really enjoy themselves, ask questions, and handle the new challenges we were asking of them. And not need constant attention, so The Dude and I could spend some time relaxing and enjoying our own interests as well. The weather was great, even the predicted rain was nowhere near as bad as we had expected. And it felt like a great end to the summer. We went on walks and hikes in the countryside, swam in a lake on a beautifully sunny day, made a shopping/sightseeing trip into Munich, visited two castles, saw a children's opera/play, hung out with Oma and Opa, and visited biergartens and parks. I enjoyed going through my mother's garden and then, in the evenings, her collection of gardening books. And we all enjoyed lots of good bread. (Possibly a little too much.)

A brief view from Schloss Lindenhof:
D took this photo, that's why he's not in it.
There was very little running (lots of walking and hiking) and not the best sleep, between my jet lag and then G's struggles with sleeping in a new place. I meant to ease into these last weeks of running before the marathon but I think I took it too hard that first week back. I had a miserable week last week and ended up abandoning some runs and cutting others significantly back, so now I'm just trying to rest and recover some energy and enthusiasm before the big day. The response to my fundraising has been good so that helps!

And soon it's time for Scary Movie Month! I need to sit down and think about what movies I want to watch.

Trying to sleep more,

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