Friday, May 29, 2015

Some Friday Randomness

Those mornings that I fail to wake up before my alarm, my first thought is always, "Already?" But on those days when I plan to run early, my next thought is, "I get to go run!" Never fails to cheer me up.

Now that I've started marathon-training I've also started dreaming about running again. Those are some of my favorite dreams - I have a couple from years ago that I think about when I need help falling asleep (rarely) or when I need to find a "happy place" (like at the dentist). This week I dreamt I was running a 20-miler... ahhh. 

I've kept this blog link in my inbox for nearly two weeks now - I keep meaning to share it and also to think on it some more myself: Seth Godin's "Is It Meeting Your Needs?" All the questions resonate with me, but I think the two that hit most closely are:

Is it honoring your time or squandering your time?
Is it exposing you or giving you a place to hide?

Another link, to some awesome music this time: Munit & Jorg. They describe their music as Ethio-Jazz. I read about her in my alumnae quarterly and ended up listening to the whole album. Sadly I can only find their albums digitally right now - I like owning the actual CD.

Another amazing African jazz musician I discovered this week: Philip Tabane and Molumbo. They do have two albums available in the States, so when I've got some extra cash (ha!) that I'm not spending on running stuff (ha! ha!) perhaps I'll pick one up.

Oh yes, and thanks to Seth Godin's blog I discovered Amanda Palmer's book: "The Art of Asking". And thanks to that I listened to The Dresden Dolls for the first time. See the CD-buying comment above.

And then thanks to both Amanda Palmer and Seth Godin I found Maria Popova's amazing website: "Brain Pickings". This has so many incredible connections/links that I wouldn't know where to begin except to urge you to visit her site and browse.

Happy reading/listening/running/dreaming everyone - 

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