Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Little Wins

I ran a 7:50 mile in my workout at the track today. Fastest ever. Last run before Saturday's race. I was even holding back a bit since this was just meant to be a little reminder of what it feels like to go fast, and not an actual speed workout. (I'm shooting for a 9:25 pace for the race - it's a 10-miler.)

On my way to the track I had to stop at a crosswalk. While I was waiting for the light to change an older woman came up to me and said, "What I would give for your legs." (She was thin but not muscular, and I know that my legs were looking particularly "runner-esque" in the kit I was wearing.) I thanked her and said, "Years of running."

It made me think of how when I was a kid someone must have said something to me about my legs - I don't remember what it was - and my dad told me that I have strong legs. And I managed to carry that with me through years of hating my body. This past year has been the first time that my ideal image of how I feel in my body - that is, what I imagine I look like at those times when I feel most capable and strong - actually matches how I do, really, look right now. (Minus the winter fluff I'm still working to shed.) It's nice to get random, unsolicited confirmation of that.

And happy news on the running fuel front:


I've tried a lot of gels and GU has always been the one that worked best for me during a run - I was disappointed last year to find out one of the animo acids used in their formula was sourced from animals. But no longer! Now I can try some of the yummy new flavors my online groups are always raving about.



  1. Let it go on the record that I wanted your legs when they were 13 years old.

    You're vegan now?

    1. Doing the best I can. (And this is a return to veganism for me, I was ten years ago when I met The Dude, and have been wanting to return to it for years.) I have a post about this in the wings for after my race.