Friday, February 27, 2015

And The Lake Looked Amazing

I had a long run scheduled for today, the first one I'd really consider long, and the first run to work, in what's been at least a couple of months. I had it on my calendar for a couple of weeks and watched the weather closely and everything seemed like a go...

And then three days ago the forecast changed and now today was supposed to be the coldest day of the week, not the warmest. Starting at 5 degrees this a.m. and then warming up to 15, tops. Fahrenheit (for my overseas readers).

Grumble, grumble.

And both boys woke up in the night, one with a bad dream (easily taken care of), the other hysterical the way he wakes up sometimes and it took forever to realize that his mouth was just hurting* and he needed a little medicine and a lot of loving. And then he too went right back to sleep. But it took me quite a while to get back to sleep myself after these.

So the alarm went off way too early this morning.

And I got up, changed my morning plans around a bit to make sure everything I did would support heading out for a long run (ate a good breakfast but earlier than usual, skipped my strength training and boxing, made time to double-check my supplies**), and then once the kids were taken care of and the youngest dropped off at preschool, I headed down to the lakefront for eight beautiful sunny cold miles.

Oh how I've missed these.

Rethinking my racing plans,

*Because, OMG, he totally pulled a "Christmas Story" stunt last night and licked the damn railing on the train platform, as the train we'd been waiting ages for pulled in, and with no way of gently thawing his tongue. So... r-i-i-ip went the skin and then I had a hysterical mouth-welling-up-with-blood child for the ride home. Fun times. (For the record, the bleeding stopped by the time we got in the door and he ate normally at dinner, so I think no lasting damage done.)

**I forgot to bring a coat and outer gear with me ahead of time, so on the way home I'll be wearing the same hoodie and hat/scarf I wore for my run. It won't really be warm enough (and somewhat smelly) but oh well. I knew I would forget something in the preparation for this, it's just been so long.

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  1. 8 miles =12.8 km. Wow. Actually, I've come to see that this is a very normal distance for serious runners.

    Once, my mom called me because my dad bit his tongue during dinner and it started bleeding. I said heads and faces bleed a lot, even if the wounds are shallow, because they have a lot of blood vessels, hold the wound down for 10 minutes, no peeking until the 10 minutes are up, watch the clock to make sure that you really did hold it down for 10 minutes, no, really, no peeking for 10 minutes, and then if it doesn't stop call me again.

    They didn't call me again, well, not that night, anyway.