Monday, January 5, 2015


It's not as if Seth Godin needs my link any of his posts to become any more influential, but this one was especially moving to me today. Some quotes:

Is there anything worse we can say about you and your work? "You are unprepared." 


...We are unprepared to do something for the first time, always.

We are unprepared to create a new kind of beauty, to connect with another human in a way that we’ve never connected before...

We've been so terrified into the importance of preparation, it's spilled over into that other realm, the realm of life where we have no choice but to be unprepared...

...Once we embrace this chasm, then for the things for which we can never be prepared, we are of course, always prepared.

Falling in love and getting married comes to mind, of course. Having kids. Buying a house. What else?

Pondering these things,


  1. This especially speaks to me today, the first day that I went back to work after break! I feel totally unprepared even though I knew I was ready.

    1. Of course! And performance of all sorts.

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. The most important thing I've realized about parenting (that has made it MUCH less stressful) is that there is no way, no amount of classes, or books, or videos, that will ever make you prepared enough to navigate the world of growing a human. In fact, the more prepared I've thought I was, the more wrong I was proven. Flinging myself into some aspects of my life has actually netted more successes at time.

    I love this post!!!!