Friday, January 30, 2015

Things I Love Today


My house. I continue to love my house. I can't tell you how much I love this house.
View from the back - if you were a snake.
Realtors take pictures from funny angles.
That two-flat next door doesn't feel nearly so big.
Even if our resident opossum scared me silly last night.

Eating yummy homemade massaman tofu curry for lunch that a friend gave to me.

For the first time in six weeks, completing what feels like a "normal" training week for me.

Having ideas for paintings... lots of them... more than I can possibly even begin.

Having homemade pizza dough waiting for me at home so we can all have pizza made to order tonight. Buddy likes mushrooms, olives, and pineapple on his, The Dude the same. I like mine without cheese... Goo only wants cheese on his. Any other requests? No problem!

I've been reading books again. That just makes me happy. I have two good ones in my bag - one for the way to work, one for the way home. (Plus a couple of magazines if it's too crowded on the train to hold a book.) Then another by my bedside... mmmmm.

Good work, good food, good company. My children have been healthy, fun to be with, and reasonably well behaved. It's been a good week.


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  1. And the house is making a happy winky eye too!! Love the perspective, on books and pizza as well