Friday, November 14, 2014

Building Up

I've been experimenting with what I can realistically do in the mornings before the household wakes up. I'd like to increase the amount of time I spend boxing each week, and also the intensity of those workouts. I had been doing some every morning, gradually increasing the amount of time each day and thereby increasing my weekly totals. But I was finding, just as I have with my running, that if I'm doing it every day I have to go easy every day. I had a couple of weeks where it felt as if I was just putting in the time - and that is valuable, that teaches my mind as well as my body to get used to that amount of time on my feet / in the ring. But over the days I became less thrilled with the quality of that time. This is actually a small victory for me - I had acclimated to the longer times! That's no small thing for someone who is trying to maintain a solo practice.

So this week I started doing longer, but fewer, sessions. Just as I do with running (I typically run four times a week: two easy short- to mid-distance runs, and then one tempo or speed session and one long run*), I'll box four times a week, and continue to increase the amount of time I spend doing it - but now I'll be able to increase the intensity as well. And go on like that until I just can't increase the amount of time I spend on it in a week, at least not without giving something else up.

Now it's ever more clear to me that I need to find some training. There's a UFC Gym near my work that offers free sample classes, and I think I'll try to get a session in December. And then keep exploring my options.

Ever hopefully yours,

*I'd like to run five times a week, but right now I'm not running at all on weekends, and I need a day's break during the week.

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