Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This Is What It Looks Like (Ha)

Last week was a great training week:

Sunday: Rest (time in pool with kids = water massage!)
Monday: Tempo run - hit my paces
Tuesday: Run commute a.m., Boxing p.m.
Wednesday: Easy swim
Thursday: Long run
Friday: Run commute p.m.
Saturday: Gym (rowing & bike)

With assorted stretching, recovery techniques, and strength training sprinkled throughout.

Picture, if you please, an idealized training plan printed out for the next 14 weeks. It would look much like that, with steadily increasing runs, and alternating speed work for the tempo runs on occasion. A thing of beauty.

Now, this week so far:

Sunday: 7 mile hike, mostly pushing a stroller since Goo pitched a fit whenever The Dude pushed it. Not a rest day by any stretch of the imagination. Okay, I can go with the flow. I'll just make Monday my rest day, right?

Monday: Another day off with the kids. Pool, picnic, football. Punctuated by standing on my feet in the kitchen, making meals and cleaning up after them. Mmm... not exactly restful, even if not a high intensity day.

Last night couldn't sleep between the heat and the puking cat. Seven miles in the morning looked like a great way to have a lousy boxing class tonight. Cut the run to three miles.

Looking ahead... Oh, The Dude is away this weekend. There goes the gym on Saturday. And I'll need to bring the kids with me to my race on Sunday...

And this is all more than okay.

But it's also why I pencil in my workouts.

Taking what I can get,

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