Monday, May 12, 2014

Bits and Pieces, Again (Again)

Bits of randomness...


On the boxing front, while I still enjoy the class, I don't plan to continue with it. Already in the second week I was a bit resentful of how it was impacting the rest of my training week (since I've started training for my half). Plus I missed my evening with the kids!

And there's the question of what would I do with boxing if I continued... the natural next step would be to train to fight, but that's a level of fighting I'm not interested in. I really don't want to inflict (or receive) a black eye... missing tooth... concussion...

On the other hand, taking these classes has shown me that I would like to return to martial arts training, someday. I don't know what style. Though judo is compelling...

I'm not going to actively pursue this now, I figure at some point what path I follow with it will become clear. There's certainly no lack of opportunity in this city.

But this certainly makes more sense of my visceral response to good fights in movies.


Starting a new Runner's World Big Guy Blog* Challenge. Take the number of miles you want to run in the next six weeks, then do the same number in minutes for stretching in that same time, and then multiply it by 10 for your number of pushups (standard or modified) in that time. Since the training program for my half has me running close to 30 miles per week pretty soon, my goals are 180/180/1800.

I already stretch for at least 5 minutes after each run, so for this challenge I'm doing an additional 30 minutes of stretching each week. And I'm going to include foam rolling in that as well. I will be impressed if I really can get in 30 minutes of extra recovery work in each week. I'll need it to accommodate the increased mileage.

And the pushups? Well, it will be a nice way of continuing the upper-body work once boxing ends. Plus, I sometimes do modified pushups at work (off the handicapped bar in the restrooms) since it's a nice pick-me-up if I start getting tired or antsy. My count for today is 105 so I'm not too worried about meeting this part of the challenge. Maybe by the end of the six weeks I'll start doing standard ones as well.

*This is the guy that started the online running groups I take part in.


Took my first bath with Epsom salts last week. Why have I not used these before?! It was definitely an odd feeling but I felt much better the next day. Plus my skin was unexpectedly smooth! A nice way of getting to some of the little, hard-to-reach muscles I've been working lately (through boxing but also changing up my running form).


My greatest treat from Mothers' Day weekend was the chance to try out some new recipes from the Runner's World Cookbook. I like trying new meals but the family is sometimes resistant to them, especially if they suspect they might be "healthy". I tried three new things and two were a win (a pasta dish and a stir-fry) - the healthy berry crisp was not a success but I have some ideas on how to tweak it. And even then I will probably be the only one eating it, which is fine. I don't feel the need to share yummy berry crisp with ungrateful small fry.


Speaking of the small fry it's time to head home to get them. Homemade tacos tonight - I'm hoping to get Goo involved in the process, I figure he can probably cut up mushrooms without too much drama. We'll just hope more end up in the bowl than on the floor.



  1. I miss karate. There's something so comforting about the form and precision of it. And Epsom salts...yes, heaven! I used to take baths in them as a kid, which is odd because I wasn't an athlete. I wonder why my mom poured them in for me? Just because they're nice I guess!

  2. I remember taking Epsom salt baths when I threw out my back a couple years ago. They definitely help!