Thursday, February 6, 2014

Odds and Ends, Again

Sometimes, after a long or hard run, there really is nothing better than potato chips and a Coke.

I have now run to work using the shortest possible route. It's 6.25 miles. (Four years of occasionally, and now more frequently, running to work, and I never thought to do this before?) So once the weather gets warm and I get a larger running pack, I can start making this routine. (Right now I have to plan at least one day in between runs to work, preferably two, so I can pack in extra clothes/food.)

Yesterday my workout consisted of pulling/dragging Goo in his stroller through the snow for the 3/4 mile to daycare (and just picking him up and carrying him in it for about a quarter of that distance when the sidewalks became completely impassable otherwise). I had delayed our leaving home thinking that the sidewalks would be mostly shoveled by then, but I bet that horse wrong. During this time we were passed by one bus that was too full to take a stroller --- that was then immediately followed by a near-empty one --- I didn't think to look for another one so soon and we were too far from the stop so we missed that opportunity. But the kids were great, even with stinging blowing snow, and Buddy spontaneously helped pull. (Note: when your 5-year-old "helps" with the stroller, it is rarely actually a help.) My arms were shaking once we got there.

We've had two days of Goo sleeping through the night again (after several weeks of middle of the night upset only assuaged by my making up a bed on the floor next to his and sleeping the rest of the night there.) And last night it only took 5 minutes of upset before he settled down. He's still waking up earlier than he should be but I can deal with that for now. I am beginning to feel hopeful again.

Prior to the holidays he was going to bed no problem, sleeping through the night, and waking up at a decent hour. The last four weeks have been trying to say the least. He's had an explosion of language skills during this same time so we're blaming growth spurt combined with his realization that the whole world doesn't actually shut down when he's sleeping (and the utter unfairness of that). But holding the line again around going to bed (we'd let things slip while we were trying to figure out what was going on but it was getting ridiculous) plus the addition of a night-light seem to be doing the trick.

More snow scheduled for this weekend!



  1. 1.2 km over snowy terrain with a stroller and a 5 year-old…you are amazing. I will go feel guilty about freaking out over snow that is expected tomorrow. When I have to go to work. Yes, I will work on a Saturday. Boo.

    1. Boo indeed! At least when I work on a weekend it's usually for some interesting event. That way at least I'm enjoying it even if the rest of the household is annoyed. (Plus then I usually take a weekday off as comp time and I really enjoy that.)

  2. Oh, the joys of nocturnal kid chaos. I remember that all too well, and as you know, Rachel will be turning 17. I have a vivid memory of taking a deposition after she had been up 8 zillion times one night, then going to my office, shutting the conference room door and taking a nap on the floor because I was too afraid I'd fall asleep while driving home. I also did the "you can't sleep in my bed but you can sleep on the floor by the bed" routine. She'd mysteriously appear in the middle of the night with her blanket, pillow and stuffed animal and zonk right out.

    1. Maryl, this was really helpful to read! Especially the bit about Rachel sleeping on the floor next to your bed. I've kept that in mind the last few nights and while there isn't room for him to sleep there, it's helped me be more gentle and patient with him as I get him back into his bed.