Monday, November 11, 2013

Not Making Plans - Hah!

I should know better than to ever claim that I won't make any training plans for a period of time.

Here's where the last three weeks of "not planning" have led me:
  • Running a "virtual" half in two weeks time with my online group.
  • Running a virtual 5k in three weeks time with my other online group.
  • Adding in cycling to the routine.
  • Researching trail races.
  • Planning for a trail 50k in South Carolina in January 2015.
How did this happen? Well, I'd already been thinking about trying to get in more trail running, and then one of my online running buddies invited the group to do a 50k trail run with her...

And then I read this post from Kristen Armstrong. Not always a big fan of hers but this hit home with me.

The challenges for trail races are similar to marathons, stuff about nutrition and practicing techinques and steadier pacing. The real challenge for me is that I will need to be able to drive out of the city. I don't currently have a driver's license and am scared silly by the idea of driving. I've needed to take care of this for a long time though and if this gets me moving on it finally...

One step at a time. First I need to get a new state ID (I've been using my passport which I don't like to do) and pick up the Rules of the Road booklet - that's this week's challenge. First goal: have my learner's permit by the end of the year.

Yours nervously -

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  1. I'm planning to do the Sub30 5k in Nov...guess I should sign up! I'm so impressed that you're looking at an ultra. You are amazing!!!