Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bits and Pieces

The weather has been odd here. Hot last week, cool, even cold, at the beginning of this week, and today warmer again (and humid!). I've loved running in the cooler weather and loved seeing my times drop so radically with no extra effort. I have to remember that this is Chicago and cooler temperatures now mean nothing in regards to marathon day itself. That is to say, I still don't have a good sense of what to expect for time or plan for pacing.

I had a rest week last week and enjoyed myself. It ended up being even more of a rest week than I had planned for, between work and family activities I missed a couple of low-key workouts I'd been looking forward to. Just as well, this week is a monster one. Again, due to work and family I wasn't able to do a long run earlier this week, so instead I have been running 5-8 miles every day - I'll finish up with a 7 mile run tomorrow and then have my 20-miler on Sunday.

And then taper.

This year I'm not worried about taper so much, I'm looking forward to being able to get back to swimming and going to the gym for a couple of weeks. Plus Scary Movie Month starts soon and I'm excited about that. I'll just have to make sure I'm getting enough sleep that last week...

And in other news, Buddy turned 5. Woo-hoo! And now that the celebrating is done, I have to resume the school agonizing/selection/lottery process. (He'll start kindergarten next year, in Chicago you have to be 5 by September 1 to start kindergarten.) I had visited a number of schools last year and we know which one we'd most like him to go to... but because of the lottery process we have no guarantee that he'll be able to. Or he might be on the waiting list and we find out he gets a spot August 24, two days before school starts. Or not until September 7. So I'm continuing with school visits to open up our options. I'll have him tested for the gifted schools for the same reason, though I'm not wild about putting him in a gifted program. This is all for public schools, by the way.

Why not just put him in our neighborhood school, you ask? Well, we could... and we might end up enrolling him there if it gets to be the end of August 2014 and he hasn't gotten a spot anywhere else... (or we might end up moving to a different neighborhood if we really cannot deal with the uncertainty)... But we don't like the classes we've visited and we don't like the principal and we're concerned about gang violence in the immediate proximity of the school. And, and, and. And there are such great schools close to us that we could potentially get in (because in addition to being neighborhood schools - open to children living in that district - they are also magnet or gifted option schools that can take in students outside of their district - which is based by lottery (magnet) or testing plus lottery (gifted)).

We live 1/2 block out of district for the school we want. Can I tell you how frustrating that is? And two blocks out of district for another really good school.

Okay. Done with this. (For today, anyway.) Bah.

Much nicer to think about running...


  1. School choice and lottery is such a headache. I hope Buddy gets a good placement!

    I missed some key workouts last week, too, but I'm trying not to be too concerned. I love that you're looking forward to tapering! I feel like mine is just around the corner pretty soon!

  2. How did the 20 miler go?? The weather is PERFECT!!!!

    1. It was GREAT! And yes, the weather was perfect. I'll write more about it later since I was really happy with the whole experience.

  3. Fingers crossed that you get into a cool school. This school district isn't the best in town, but the one next to us seems to have a problem with overcrowding. And we don't have gang violence (yikes for that one!). And principals switch out faster than in the US (I googled my old elementary school, you know, the one that was about half an hour away from yours, and the principal was the one that came to the school when I was in 5th grade!). So, again, fingers crossed. And Buddy is a smart kid, just like his mom! So, yay for that!