Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let The Training Begin!

Well, marathon training started this week for me. It's a long training period (23 weeks), but there will be a significant break at the end of June / beginning of July as I taper for the Chicago Women's Half, recover, and then travel to see The Dude's family. The rough outline of my weeks won't look much different than at any other time of year --- long run / cross-training / easy run or rest / intense run / cross-training / easy run or rest --- but those long runs will get longer and the intense runs (tempo or speedwork) will as well. I'll have to spend more time on recovery - more yoga! - and try even harder to get as much sleep as possible. Eating well goes without saying.

This month, in fact, eating well (and not that much) is the priority. I'm doing a weight-loss challenge with my online running group and I've set it up so it will be a challenge. I'd like to be a bit lighter during this marathon season (lighter = faster, within reason), but if I'm going to lose anything it's got to be before I get into serious mileage. I know from ugly experience that I cannot try to lose weight and seriously train at the same time. Luckily, I'm already feeling lighter and springier a week in, so regardless of the actual numbers at the end of the month I should feel like a winner and in good shape for the season.

I'm so excited to be starting!

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  1. Do you create a meal plan when training for a full? I know I need to start looking into which aspects of my life will need to change once I begin my 16 week training plan for my full in Nov...if I actually go through with it!