Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just One More Update (Plus Photo)

I went for a run this morning, and ended up running the street where I stopped during Sunday's race.

Let me tell you, that is a boring stretch of road. Parking lots and strip malls. I have more sympathy for my mental state on that street now.

I don't think I've ever run a stretch so unattractive (during a race). Most of my races are on the lakefront or through parks or neighborhoods, or some combination of them all. That shows me I need more practice in how to deal with boredom in race situations. Especially since there are stretches like that during the marathon, and even more so in the Chicago Half Marathon which I'm wanting to race next year.

How do you deal with boredom during a race?

About mile 2? Not the ugly part. Clearly I'm still enjoying myself here.


  1. Wow - you look really good! I wouldn't look anywhere near as nice running ;)

    1. Thanks! I'm quite happy with it myself (though not enough to buy it - race photos are expensive). There are lots and lots of pictures of me in races that no one will ever get to see. :)

  2. It's truly amazing how a bad stretch of road can affect a run. I ran a mall parking lot (a huge, outdoor mall) a couple times at 4:30am and it was DREADFUL. I can do straight/boring if there are trees to look at, but even the curves of the parking lot couldn't save my mental state those days.