Friday, March 29, 2013

And So It Goes

I started this post last week excited to write about how my running (and other exercise) was slowly picking up again and how happy that was making me. And then Goo got sick --- but I was able to keep going --- and then I got sick, and I couldn't.

It's been one of those mysterious irritating ailments too, kind of like a mild cold (in terms of snot and coughing) so I don't sound particularly sick, but with this overlay of what feels like low-grade fever (chills, aches), just bad enough so that I can't think well and I don't want to do anything. And the one day I did feel better and go running I then crashed afterwards and haven't gotten back up to speed since. I'm just busy enough at work with some key events coming up that I can't take a proper day off to rest, instead I head home a bit early so I can get my strength up (or at least get things done) before the kidlets get home.

The bright side is I'm getting a lot of reading and thinking done!

But I'm thinking this is not my year for grand running ambitions.


  1. The year is still early, so maybe it's too soon to put running ambitions aside. I'm sorry you've been sick :o( But good silver lining - who doesn't love a chance to catch up on reading??

    1. Well, I'm still ambitious enough that I am doing the marathon (and a half before then). But I was planning on setting my pace goals based on the 5k I keep trying to train for, and that, alas, is not turning out the way I'd hoped.

      I am fine with letting this year be about enjoying the run and not worrying about speed goals.

      And I am LOVING the extra reading time. I may continue even once I am feeling better.