Friday, November 30, 2012

Running Update

I think it's funny that the week I get quoted in a running blog (love this woman! she is such an inspiration to me), I've mostly been writing about sewing.

Of course I've been thinking about running, and have been running too (though not as much as I 'd like to thanks to work), but my season is over and my next race isn't until April. I've been enjoying not feeling pressured about specific workouts, yet keeping in mind my larger goals. And happy to be at the end of a running season without injury!

A couple of months ago there was a Runner's World article (sorry, can't find it online) asking "What Kind of Runner Are You?" I was disheartened to see that based on schedule and mileage, I qualified as "Moderate" (in my heart I saw myself as "Progressive", i.e., kick-ass) and was recommended to stick to 5 and 10ks, with maybe a half once a year. But after some time I reconciled myself to this. As one friend told me, with small kids I may just not be in the running season of my life. I set my goals and races for 2013 accordingly, with the big picture plan of getting faster so that I can qualify for Boston some day.

Well, things change on a dime around here, is that true for you? And it looks like I'll be running my marathon next year after all. Woo-hoo! So I've been working on my training plan for April's Shamrock Shuffle 8k, and will base my marathon goals on my performance in that. And am looking to tweak my nutrition so I can shed those last pounds by May.

Now to start researching marathon plans...


  1. Funny and spot-on with the aspergers dx for Professor Hinkle.

    As for 'what type of runner are you.." don't trust that stuff. I've run just over a dozen marathons, and for many of them my mileage was averaging around 30 a week, with a couple weeks in the mid 40's but also with a couple of 15-20 mile weeks or even less.

  2. I've been feeling the same way...taking a bit of time off is so nice!