Friday, September 28, 2012

Because It's Friday And Life Is Good

A picture of contentment.

Last night. Both boys, asleep, in their room together. (This is worth noting because they only started sleeping in the same room last week, and so far, it is AWESOME. Baby sleeps better, boy gets off to bed better and is happier, we have our room back. This is what I have been dreaming of for months now.)

No cat puke that I'm aware of.

The Dude pulls out the penny jar and a deck of cards and tries to teach me poker. I do not completely suck.

Beer and peanuts in the shell are consumed.

Once I finally drag myself away so that I can go to bed on time for once, I get a strange burst of energy and finally tackle the paper on my desk that has accumulated since we got back from Ohio. I fail to get to bed on time but succeed in making sense of my desktop.

Sleep is sound, even if short.

The baby does not have scabies, despite his teachers' concerns. (There was another kid in room who had it and Goo's skin is perpetually rashy/rough, thanks to the everlasting drool, our dry apartment, and his rough-and-tumble ways. So, not a model for "baby soft skin", but parasite free.)

It is a beautiful day.

And it's Friday!

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