Monday, August 13, 2012

Trying Again

The other reason I haven't been writing much this summer is that I got seduced into using DailyMile to track my workouts. I say seduced because in the end it hasn't worked out the way I hoped it might, while it has prevented me from doing something I really love (that is, posting on this blog). It's been very easy to track some things I wouldn't otherwise, since I'm a pen and paper kind of gal usually, but it also makes it very easy to write about my workouts there... so I don't here. And, in the end, I haven't found it that great a tool for connecting with other people, which was the main reason to start using it.

I have found one great venue for connecting with other people about running, a running/weight-loss group on Facebook. In doing both DailyMile and this Facebook group over the same period of time I've found that I don't always care to see the details of other people's workouts - or if I do, I'll read about it on their blogs - but I love hearing about how people's decisions about their workouts, or their food, or any other health-related activity, makes them feel. And we've somehow created a real little group in the ether. So adios, DailyMile! I'll be ordering an old-fashioned training log soon.

(And to all my pals on the Sub-30 Losers Group - you're the best!)


  1. I sometimes find the usual "this is the run I did" posts less than entertaining. I use DM just for myself, and then use the blog of FB to connect with others on a deeper level. DM has never seemed to offer enough space to really ruminate on how your run went, you know? I agree: I love hearing about the feelings of the run more than the run itself!

  2. I'll probably keep DM "just for myself" as you say, and for the few connections I've made on it. I love being able to see that I ran 388 miles this year with just a quick glance and I like tracking my miles per pair of shoes. Plus the calorie count. All things I would have a harder time figuring out on my own. But yeah, there are some things that are just too clunky about it otherwise.